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Kelefane 05-22-2013 01:20 AM

Current state of the SK: What does our class currently need? *****Wishlist*****
I still feel like our secondary utility is missing. Even with Soul Flay, I feel as if we are still missing that secondary utility regarding raid content. A huge part of this issue is that Soul Flay is just so underwhelming. The mana returns are miniscule when you have Priests buffing out to over 100k mana. Its like throwing a peanut into the ocean when Soul Flay procs. Its not a difference maker at all. Its not even a drop in the bucket. Its not even noticeable. I think that our current DPS is fine with Quickspear. So DPS shouldnt be suggested or discussed the next time we run through the beta ringer asking for certain things. Our tanking and agro is fine. Even though I think we should ask for instant cast terrors. Our self healing is as fine as always. So this brings me back to secondary utility once again. It seems to me that Elidroth and the devs dont like the idea of us "giving" to the raid. Meaning giving mana and whatnot. This has to be why due to the fact that Soul Flay is a dud when that was our first true secondary type of utility in years. So................................ If we dont "give" to a raid regarding utility and giving others mana or something similar, then what kind of secondary utility should we ask for? This past Beta, Elidroth and Aristo were PMed our wishlist from this website and all of them were more or less shot down. So its time that we start putting together a new one in anticipation for next Beta. Throw your thoughts and ideas out there.

Dalmoth 05-22-2013 09:45 AM

I'd rather dev time be spent making debuffs cumulative. If I cast a corruption dot and a necro casts a corruption dot then the stack it in the debuff section. If two slows hit a target, stack them. If multiple -AC effects hit the mob, stack them. Scale as needed some obviously need diminishing returns but most (dots for instance) simply don't. Thus effectively removing the slot limit on debuffs. Have the various negative stat mods from disease dots stack (lower them if need be) but have the ability to have 5 disease dots lower a mobs attack, hps, 5 times as long as they are active. this way we have ways that are in line with SKs to actually help with doing damage as well as lowering their damage output. This would allow every class with dots and debuffs to be useful in a raid as buff slots don't have to be reserved for a single class. Yes its a lot of work, but overall the game would be better for it than adding a single utility for a single class and it should open up a significant amount of utility for every class in the future.

Bedavir 05-28-2013 09:36 PM

From a groupers perspective, I can't think of anything balance wise that we need. Having raided hardcore in the past I can easily understand the area Kelefane brought up. I wonder if the added utility might be achieved simply with increasing soul flay to a meaningful level. Another idea (just a thought) is an aura type spell that provides some nominal usefulness to our group. Along our lines of aggro management, how about one that decreased aggro generated by all those hit - block able effect so we could dodge its effects on demand. Dps could burn harder faster longer in both group and raid settings? Just a thought.

Kelefane 05-30-2013 05:57 PM

the agro aura idea isnt that bad of an idea. but if we went the aura route, i'd rather us get some kind of lifetap proccing aura to the group. like a 500dd tap that can crit and crit heal. meh, i dunno. its kind of hard to think of secondary utility ideas that dont directly give to others. Elidroth said that SKs "giving" isnt exactly what the class is all about. but he doesnt seem to understand that "giving" on raids is what makes a lot of classes desirable. what a class can "give" can honestly make or break a class and how desirable they are on raids and to raid guilds both. as things stand now, raiding guilds dont want to carry more than two shadowknights on their rosters. at least the DPS centric guilds dont. those same guilds however will carry 3-5 paladins for obvious reasons. so yeah, maybe we should push for soul flay to be a lot more noticeable in its mana returns. i think pushing to make terrors instant cast would be nice. and perhaps pushing to make our spell AE hates 0.5 cast. As we stand right now, I feel like our class is at a crossroads. We are gods in the group game. In fact, we are the tank of choice for a lot of folks when it comes to grouping up and XP grinding. However, on raids, we are the 3rd ranked tank when it comes to desirability. This is all mainly due to the fact that over the years, we have pushed for stuff that made our swarming ability better and asking for a lot of group and selfish centric abilities. I feel like we need to break that mold and start asking for more "giving" abilities for a Beta or two until we finally get something that sticks. And sadly, this past Beta, Elidroth himself stated that the devs always have swarming in mind when they decide what to give us. He wasnt saying that as a good thing either. In other words, he was saying that our swarming ability has actually cost us some useful tools over the years. Which is sad because swarming is actually nerfing itself as we go forward in expansions and he doesnt seem to understand that. SK swarming isnt even the best and fastest XP method anymore. Other classes solo XP at faster rates than we do now. Yet a declining ability is hindering us. sad sad sad.

Bedavir 05-30-2013 07:47 PM

Instant terrors would be the tits, especially if we could get the aoe one to 0.5. I'd also be interested in extending the aa line that gives terrors the rune procs. As is I rarely use the terror in groups. With my bard box mana is so much of a non issue that I just chain klonda, 100+95 taps, 100 Dire and Spear.

Dimencia 06-09-2013 12:14 AM

Aura of Hateless Reduce the hate generated of those in range (sk's become either immune to or block)

Klotar 06-10-2013 11:00 AM

For the nth year in a row, I still like the idea of a leech aura (10%ish). That said, I know that 1) no more auras are to be added to the game because of mechanics (they are sorta npc's), lag (graphics), etc., and 2) the reasons that SJ brought up when first suggested (which I don't disagree with). Still, I felt that while we did, at the time, get a couple nice spells in that expansion, that we got hosed -- as auras are still in use by many classes today even if they did not get upgraded. A small leech aura would fit in with our class, not be that OP at 10% that I can think of, and possibly add a small degree of desireability (like when epic is down). Also, coding has gotten by many previously impossible/impractical issues lately, so perhaps the technical side isn't a barrier any more.

Kelefane 06-10-2013 04:44 PM

Activated AA name: Embodiment of Corruption The idea being, for a limited amount of time, poison, disease and corruption-based effects that are cast on the Shadowknight, heal the Shadowknight instead of hurting them. In some situations, its not going to do much In others, its not going to do anything at all In others though, it would be a strong ability So it would be very situational, yet very useful when its usable It fits in with the lore of the SK - You embrace the corruption. This ability, would also be open for tweaks or complimentary ideas after its created. Thoughts?

Chania 06-14-2013 10:40 PM

Activated AA Connection of the Cursed 30 seconds all damage you receive is spread across the group evenly. You take far less damage, but you may end up killing a robe or 2 if your healer isn't quick on the gun. Nothing we *need* but a nice additional tanking tool with a decidedly SK flavor.

Xaroth 06-19-2013 08:57 AM

Would rather they re-instated the grp debuff/recourse spells. Debuff a good amount of ac/avoidance- recourse a good amount of ac/avoidance to grp (usuable to support tank grps other than epic) Debuff melee dps enhancing abilities/ give to grp, could be overhaste atk, dbl/ trip attack accuracy etc. Increase spell casting times/ mana drain/ spell dmg reducing re-course grp mana over time, spell haste/ focus of some sort. This would offer a more versatile role for us other than always being stuck into OT grp Make them based on same timers to prevent locking 1 sk each raid to do only this/ overpowering issues. Instant terrors/ demand for power would be nice, or some aa versions, pallies got aa stuns after all. Other than that id rather they tuned the raids to need us more, bring main mobs that fears and make sks only class to resist it..

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