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Default Plane of Hate revisited farming

Seen something on the DBG Forums, and wondering if it was correct.

"To get gear fast....There is a zone called Plane of Hate which has 10 named mobs up. You can zone in..kill a mob...quit task...then reget it again..Then pull a single mob from the other quadrants. Drop task. Reget it...and now you have the lower floor with 7 nameds up on it and no lower trash. There are another 3 upstairs, tho Hand of Maestro can also spawn upstairs. You should be able to do this molo (assumng you are an SK)."

later on

"It is a "raid and group" zone. You can request it as a solo. The reason why it works above, is that the trash is locked out dependant on the quadrants you have up when requesting it. So you are zoning into SE...kill 1 mob (you'll get lockout for lower SE)..and quit the task. Reget it again..and there will be no trash up in the SE. You can then pull a trash from lower NW, NE, SW..Then drop it again. Reget it again. And now you've got no mobs on the lower floor, except for the Nameds.
Top floor is organised in a similar manner (NW,NE,SE,SW). "

If this is correct it means that one could get task, kill one mob,re-get task, kill three mobs, re-get task, then have 7 named ready to go?

Seems little sketchy.
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