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Class Balance Suggestions Place your suggestions for Shadow Knight/EverQuest enhancements here.

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Default SK Class Primary Area of Need: Raid Utility

Voting for these items is now open in this thread. This thread is now available for discussion of the items up for voting, lobbying for votes for a particular idea, etc. Please stay on-topic in this thread; trolling, derailments, etc. will be moved here.
We've previously identified raid utility as the primary area of need for the Shadowknight class. We perform our primary raid role--tanking and offtanking--quite adequately, but we offer very little to the raid beyond that narrow role; the classes we compete with offer more to the raid than we do. The reality facing Shadowknights is that there is virtually no reason to include a Shadowknight in your raid force if an equivalent (in gear / skill) Paladin or Warrior is available; we need to offer something unique and valuable to a raid over and above our tanking role in order to create desirability. We've already got a lot of discussion on this subject in this thread, but I want to set up a focused brainstorm to make sure all of the best ideas are collected in one place. I've reproduced many of the more promising ideas from that thread below:
  • A short-duration debuff similar in concept to Calanin's Synergy. This could be incorporated into the next iteration of the fledgling Gouging Blade line. The debuff should benefit a variety of classes and last just 1-2 ticks; possible effects might include a substantial bonus to Bash and Kick (not Flying Kick et al.) damage taken.
  • A revamp/revival of the Torrent lines along the lines of this proposal. Defensive version could modify parry or dodge chance, perhaps drawing inspiration from something like what's proposed here.
  • An immunity discipline for Stun or Charm or the like. Though tanking-related, this really serves more of a utility role in that it creates a reason to want SK's in your raid for certain events without affecting broader tank balance. (Compare: Fearless AA circa PoTime.)
  • A "bite" style proc for our next BP click. Use of a high procrate modifier and a hit counter would enable it to deliver a set amount of mana and healing to the group over a short period of time.
  • A self-only cure(s); perhaps something like Necromancers' Embrace the Decay.
  • A group effect with a proc-on-cast effect similar to Necromancers' Reluctant Benevolence that returns mana rather than health. Alternatively, make the buff itself self-only but keep the mana gain as a group benefit and re-tune accordingly.
  • A group effect with a proc-on-cast effect (maybe 15-35% chance to fire) that provides a large boost to the next 1-3 spells cast. Said boost could take the form of a substantial Increase Spell Damage modifier (likely in the neighbourhood of 80-100%) or a forced crit (Increase Chance to Critical Nuke by 10000%). Alternatively, this could take the form of augmenting healing spells rather than damage spells.
  • A group spell reflect akin to this proposal. Could consider alternatively using the "Block Next Spell" mechanic seen in Puratus.
I will continue editing this post as we move forward.
Ok, I'll shut up now.

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