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Abilities and Tactics A place to discuss SK abilities such as Spells, AA\'s, and Melee as well as how to best use them.

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Default SK Aggro values for TLPs

Seems like every TLP questions comes up about what to use for aggro and such. Here are values I've parsed on Test as of today for various TLP related spells.

The methodology is simple - went to GD, grabbed a frost giant and root parked it with a chanter. Chanter blurs, then SK (not the testing one) aggros with terror of shadows (400 aggro) twice. All values are computed from hate percentages shown versus ToS. Then cast the testing spell 3 times, noting each net percent hate values, then blur. Rinse, repeat. Average of the hate values and per cast hate is then calculated and noted below:


terror of darkness: 200, 20, 0.00, 6 / 33.333
terror of shadows: 400, 40, 0.00, 6 / 66.666

format: avg aggro / max (first cast), mana, cast time, chain cast time / agro per sec

disease cloud: ~65 / 65, 10m, 1.50s, 7.5s / 8.66 aps
fear: ~147 / 172, 40m, 3.50s, 10.5s / 14.48 aps
heart flutter: ~181 / 181, 41m, 3.00s, 10.0s / 18.1 aps
cure disease: ~84 / 84, 20m, 2.00s, 3.5s / 18.28 aps (curing current high aggro target)
engulfing: ~147 / 172, 60m, 2.00s, 6.0s / 24.5 aps
clinging: ~147 / 172, 20m, 1.75s, 5.75 / 25.57 aps
asystole: ~181 / 181, 98m, 3.00s, 4.5s / 40.22 aps

cease: ~154 / 180, 15m, 1.50s, 10.5s / 14.67 aps
desist: ~154 / 180, 25m, 1.75s, 11.75s / 13.11 aps
flash of light: ~154 / 180, 12m, 1.50s, 4.5s / 34.22 aps

A while back, I'd parsed clinging closer to 300 aggro but I do believe I forgot to disable bold attacks back then on my testing sk (bc I didn't forget this time). These results also align much better with the Terror values, which makes sense.
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