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Abilities and Tactics A place to discuss SK abilities such as Spells, AA\'s, and Melee as well as how to best use them.

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SK1 Tribute and Trophies

First a couple links for the new/returning players...

What Tribute / Trophies do you all run and what are the stats on them? Why did you pick them over the others?

The tribute / trophies I run and why:

- Tribute -
  • Body of the Hero - Tier 6: Heroic Stamina +26
  • Bulwark of Honor - Tier 10: Armor Class Increases per tier (how much?)
  • Bulwark of Honor II - Tier 2: Armor Class Increases per tier (how much?)
  • Dance of the Hero - Tier 6: Heroic Agility +26
  • Second Chance - Tier 3: Each tier increase the chance you will resurrect upon death.

What about Symphony of the Rabbit II? Would this be better than the added heroic Agl? Tier 3: Agility Cap +28. How would this work? It may seem like a silly question, but I just want to verify with someone that has tested it.

What about the Strength of Body line? Would having addition hp (750 for the Body II at tier 2) be better than the small amount of heroic agl, heroic sta , or the AC you get with the Bulwark of Honor line from my current picks? Would Strength of Body II outweigh Bulwark of Honor (the normal one, not the II)?

What about Body of Divinity II? Would the Stamina Cap +28 be a better way to go than straight Heroic Stam or Bulwark of Honor?

- Trophies - (I currently only have 3 trophies.)
  • Lost Wayfarer's Tent - 3000 Health, Mana, and Endurance, 200AC, 12 Heroic Stats, 5 Health and Mana Regen, 50 Spell damage and Heal Amount, and 90 Clairvoyance.
  • Trophy of Duality - 750 Health, Mana, and Endurance, 150 AC, 10 Heroic Stats, 20 Spell Damage and Heal amount.
  • Trophy of the Seafarer - 400 Health, Mana, and Endurance, 75 AC, 5 Heroic Stats, 10 Spell Damage and Heal Amount, Swimming Skill +25.

Which trophies would you suggest to fill in the last couple slots? Would you replace any with another trophy?

Thanks for reading and any input!
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The Heroic Stam (HSta) from Body of the Hero only looks to give about 450hp and I am 318 HSta away from the next level of Melee Shielding/Stun Resist. I going to change it out with Strength of Body II.
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mallakhi is an unknown quantity at this point

Mortal's Ethereal Wonder: 50 heroic stats, 75 spell damage and heal amount
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